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Support Groups this week

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I just wanted to remind you that our first virtual support group of the year is on Tuesday evening at 7pm! Please see previous entry for instructions to call in.

Also, I will be hosting the LIVE support for Northridge Hospital on Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 7pm. This is held in the lower level of the hospital.

Looking forward to talking or seeing you this week! All are welcome for both groups!


Still on track?

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So here we are about four days into the New Year. How are you doing with keeping on track with all of the promises you made yourself on the first? Broken any resolutions yet? Well, don’t beat yourself up too much if you have. it is a common occurrence. Instead, take each day at a time. Remember last time I mentioned that it is not just the New Year that can be a renewing experience, every day can. You can start out every day with renewed hope in your weight loss journey. Maybe just pick one thing to focus on for the day. Try and get that 60 to 100 grams of protein in. That will be your main focus for the day.

There are tons of articles out in the newspaper, web and magazines about weight loss products, remedies, etc. There is actually some good research in some of them. For instance, one article I read on Sunday talked about again how people who get a good night’s rest–meaning at least seven to either hours–have a faster metabolism and have less of a weight problem. Remember our bodies need rest. You are not doing yourself any good trying to get one last thing done before you go to bed. Make that your goal today. Get to bed at a decent hour.

How about drinking more water? How much water have you been drinking. Water helps fill you up and helps cleanse your body. Not only that but lots of time when we do not drink enough water, we get dehydrated. This might not be a total problem for some, but for those with a weight problem the symptoms of dehydration can mimic hunger pains.

Pick one thing today and focus on that!

Welcome 2011

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I just love the New Year. It is a time of putting things in the past in the past and starting fresh. Sure we all make lots of resolutions that might be broken before the end of the weekend, but there is such a fresh start feeling to the new year. This is also your opportunity to get back on track if you have fallen off during the holidays. If you haven’t made an appointment for a fill for that lap band, call on Monday. If you had gastric bypass, have you checked in with the doctor or had your blood checked? Call on Monday. Get things started.

The key to make new behaviors last is to take one day at a time and make small changes gradually. Let’s face it–most of us are not going to hit the gym seven days a week but committing to more walking each day is a good place to start. Maybe it is time to replace a meal or a snack with a protein bar. Each day is a actually a mini New Year where you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “Today is a new day.” Sometimes, as many of you know, it might be, “This is a new minute.”

Think about when you decided to have weight loss surgery and how excited you were about the new beginning your life was going to take. Maybe the weight came off quickly or came off more slowly than what you thought. Weight loss is work. It is a lifestyle change that has to be monitored daily. It is like brushing your teeth. You need to incorporate it in your daily life for your health.

As 2011 begins, you don’t have to make a bunch of resolutions. Instead look at it as a way to restart what you started when you decided to have weight loss surgery. Every day can be a new beginning. The New Year just reminds us of that. Take that “New Year” feeling with you every day this year.

Remember to get support. Call the doctor. Follow-up. Success doesn’t happen by itself.

Have a great year!