Melissa Bailey Arizpe, Psy.D.

The many uses of support

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2010 at 12:06 am

I wanted to let everyone know that we had a bigger turn-out at the virtual support group via conference call last month! After I got off the line, several patients continued to talk with each other. This brings me to an important topic that I know I talk about a lot–support. Patients who use the support that is available to them in whatever form–virtual, email, phone calls, live support groups, regular doctor appointments, talking with the psychologist or the nutritionist–are going to be more successful than other patients. A man is not an island and weight loss surgery is no different. We just do better when we have some help.

I really think that each patient needs to find their own way of getting support. For example, some patients do not like the live support groups because they feel uncomfortable in a group. No problem, you can use email, phone calls and the web. In today’s virtual world there is no reason that you should feel like you have to deal with a frustrating situation on your own. Another method of support is using a “support buddy.” Someone who has had surgery and is along the same journey. Other patients are a great resource and a great way to text someone when you are about to make a wrong choice. Usually you get an immediate response. I have several patients who will text me if they are having a problem. Sometimes just a quick pep talk is all it takes.

What support will you use this week?

  1. I’d like to check out several options for support. I’m not sure which one would work best for me.

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