Melissa Bailey Arizpe, Psy.D.

Welcome to Your Weight Loss Surgery Psychologist Blog

In support, weight loss surgery on December 21, 2008 at 8:35 am

Greetings!   This is the first of many blogs to come on succeeding with weight loss surgery!  I am a psychologist licensed in California and Arizona.  I specialize in preparing and supporting patients throughout the weight loss surgery experience.  This includes patients who have the adjustable band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve.  Ongoing weight loss success after surgery depends on using all the support you can get.  I hope to provide helpful insights and support.

Please send me suggestions on your interests!

  1. Melissa
    I wanted to be one of the first to wish you an encouraging thought with your new endeavor. I believe you are coming to terms with something that can give hope to the many people that suffer from morbid Obesity as well as those who have been in recovery from both their mental and physical aspect of obesity.
    The results of Gastric bypass, and the Lap-Band/O-Band surgery/ encompass a few areas you might want to try to tackle.
    This is my first take I believe you can help:
    Consider the aches from cramps that result from the sudden loss of weight (i.e. muscle, joints,) due to the body making adjustments regardless of exercise, nutrients, and special diet. The Post-surgery period can be a nightmare of development and uncertainty. For most morbidly obese adult with post-dramatic shock syndrome ( PDSS) the very idea of living without the excess of two thirds their normal body weight being wrapped around their bodies (Head , Chin, Neck, Chest/Breast, Arms, Hands(Fat fingers), Med-section, Hips, Thighs, Calf’s, Ankles, and Extra-wide Feet). The reason I am mentioning each area is so that you have a clear take as to how everything will become a problem from hat size to needing to have your rings either replaced or requiring a size reduction.
    The fact that they were living with the increased mindset that being morbidly obsessed could have cost them an early death, and then suddenly being removed from the ongoing battle field of fighting their morbid obesity will take some time to overcome and may require some analysis to make a full recovery.
    The Old Obesity problems vs. The New life as a thin person, a thin that many have never experienced until after surgery.
    Complications Include, but are not limited to:
    Experiencing a new life style for the very first time, that demonstrates a scenario in life. In this case, people become thin for the first time in their late forties to late sixties.
    Example: I have met with post-surgery patients who have never been on a date in their life until after surgery, and then, some patients who are still not feeling confident enough to make that giants step into the dating scene. As many morbidly obese people have lived for many years a mono-life-style, where being single become a way of life for many people who suffer from morbid obesity. This mono- life- style takes place for a variety of reasons.
    Some very common reason are people that were divorced or widowed and became obesed due to over eating to fulfill an emotion emptiness, which often happens to people that never recovered after their loss.
    Another reason on top of the list occurs when a very close friend or a family member pressures the person into believing that they are fat and ugly. This type of control programming gives way to the notion that they are unwanted by anyone else (i.e. in order to keep control over another in a relationship). Such is often the case resulting with people who become morbidly obesed because of they allowed themselves to become victims to this type of mental domination over a long period of time (sometimes this type of suppression can take place for year or like below throughout an entire marriage). As this can often become the case when women suffer from a low self-esteem after having children while suffering from anemia in the aftermath with one of the major side effects of anemia being depression.
    This will often happen to people with an extremely low self-esteem generally resulting from the person they were closest to (i.e. a relative or a spouse) trying to gain or keep control over their life. Often after hearing the negative input over a long prior of time, they start to believe the negative redirect, which lead to emotional self indulgent as with over eater, drug and /or alcohol abuse, or a lack of exercising fitness believing that this staying fir is redundant . This is more than likely due to fending off the possibility of rejection as a thin person.
    Well this is a good start and if you would like I can supply you with other areas your influence may come in handy. I also have some new diet recipes. Let Me Know, and good luck in the New Year 
    Michael R. Anderson

  2. Congratulations on your blog site. I am so happy that you will be able to help and inspire many by reaching out through your blogs. You are an amazing person, Melissa. I and the world are blessed to have you…
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hey Melissa,

    I am so happy that you have started this blog. I have had trouble getting to the support group meetings and this will be a great resource for me. It is especially nice this time of year when we may be tempted to indulge in all the holiday goodies. Any suggestions you have to help with that would be appreciated. Good luck and have a great Christmas and New Year.

  4. Melissa;

    I’m glad to see your ‘branching out’ and including ‘everyone’. I’ve been ‘around’ for a few hundred of the support meeting etc. And, most people seem to have their problems around the one year plus mark. And we (as a group) need to try and keep these people involved, This looks like a great media to help. Keep up the great work!!! And should you need anything along the way, let us know…..

  5. Hey Melissa,

    Dale is absolutely right!!! I am a year and 3 months out, and I am really struggling. Everyone at group warned that going to support meetings is essential to success. I have missed them, and am now paying the price. When the new year starts, you will be seeing my butt in a seat on Thursday nights :)Thanks for the holiday tips!

  6. Dear Melissa, Congratulations on a blog well done! You never cease to amaze me. The blog is such a great idea; can I add it to my patients’ list of resources? All the best, Karen

  7. Dear Melissa: I would like to congratulate and commend you on your assistance of my patients to prepare for their weight loss journey. I have only had great remarks and recommendations from our patients who have been evaluated by you. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism.

    Kevin Hayavi, MD
    Medical Director
    Beverly Hill Physicians

  8. Hi There, I would like to know more about how carbohydrates play a part in my weight loss, I understand about protein and it is hard to get 60-100 grams in a day because my tummy will not hold much. We Bandsters (banded by Michael Feiz, M.D. March 26, 2009) can only hold 8 oz of food three times a day with three small snacks in between. I understand the protein shakes but women can not live on protein shakes alone. Then there are certain types of fish….but again the amount you need to eat to get the total protein fills you up and you have nothing else, like vegetables or fruit. I have no problem with just protein but is that healthy.

    I also think that you need to have a place where Bandsters or Bypassers can ask you questions on things that are happening to them like physically and mentally as our bodies are changing.

    Thanks for the Blog!

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